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Are you searching for How to Grow Instagram Business Account Organically? When Instagram launched in 2010, it was meant to be a photo and video-sharing platform. People could connect with their friends and share photographs, especially those taken using their mobile phones. Today, with improved features, Instagram gives people a more comprehensive platform to follow people, influence, find brands they like, and even shop.

A 2019 report claimed that Instagram was used by approximately 1 billion users monthly, and about 200 million users follow at least one brand daily. Instagram has definitely become one of the best social media platforms for businesses, influencers, and marketers.

While companies are pumping in money to gain popularity and paid followers, many others look for organic ways to grow their Instagram account.

Ways to Grow Your Instagram Business Account

You can only market to a targeted audience when you have clarity about your goals. You can choose from common key performance indicators for Instagram, such as boosting website traffic, increasing followers, getting more link clicks or comments, story engagements, and more. When you have a clear goal in mind, you can try out some of the strategies below to organically grow your Instagram account.


How to Grow Instagram Business Account Organically (Expert Tips)

How to Grow Instagram Business Account Organically (Expert Tips)

  1. Generate Engaging Content

Marketers believe that content is the ruler of it all. If your content lacks matter and the power to engage consumers, your brand will fail. An excellent thing about marketing on Instagram is that you can choose from options such as stories, IGTV, hashtags, and Instagram Live.

Instead of still pictures, you can use Instagram stories to speak about your brand and what it stands for. You can also use it to direct traffic to your site. IGTV, on the other hand, can be used to post longer videos. It performs similar to Instagram Stories but gives the added benefit of promotions and capturing influencers.

You can craft your own hashtags with a catchy phrase or your brand’s tagline. Also, use trending hashtags that can help your content stand out when people search for the hashtag. You can use Instagram Live and post live videos to capture your audience. Live videos have an excellent engagement value and instantly get you noticed.

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  1. Make Use of Insta Shoutouts

Instagram Shoutout is when one brand promotes the other on their page and prompts their followers to follow the other brand. It is generally done with a post and the brand’s profile link. You can find businesses that complement yours and try to work hand-in-hand with them to organically grow your account. This is one format where both companies can benefit from each other.

You can also ask influencers or consumers who have used your product to give you a Shoutout on Instagram. This will add to your growth as this promotion comes directly from consumers instead of other marketers.

How to Grow Instagram Business Account Organically

How to Grow Instagram Business Account Organically

  1. Start a Contest or Challenge

Contests and challenges, if planned well, can go viral within seconds. When you are running a promotion such as this, make sure you clear out the rules to your audience from the beginning. Your contest can be a lucky draw where people who like or comment on a post can win a prize. It can be a prize for the best caption for your photograph or a quiz-contest.

Challenges have gone viral in the past, with many people tagging their friends and prompting them to take it up. You can ensure that your brand’s hashtag is included in each contest or challenge to increase footfalls on your page.


  1. Post Consistently

You should be regular with your posts, or soon you’ll be forgotten. Your brand can only trend if you have daily, weekly, or monthly posts. You can even repeat your posts if you think it hasn’t received enough followers. Make sure the content is relevant and appeals to the people. Consistency can put you in the spotlight and go a long way in growing your Instagram account organically.


  1. Seek out an Influencer

An influencer can be an ordinary person with extensive Instagram followers, or they can be known celebrities. Influencers have the power to sway the masses in your brand’s direction by suggesting products to their followers. They can promote your product and help you grow your business. You can consider partnering with an influencer by offering them a commission or free goodies.

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Final Words for How to Grow Instagram Business Account Organically

Competition is increasing now more than before, and marketers are trying to find innovative ways to build and grow a brand. Social media platforms like Instagram understand this need for innovation and keep launching new updates to help businesses in this dilemma. The most significant advantage brands have is organic marketing, which allows them space to experiment without gobbling on their budget.

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