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Top 10 Google Ranking Factors of 2021
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If you are searching for the 10 Top Google Ranking Factors of 2021 (SEO Ranking) then this is for you. SEO specifications keep evolving, and keeping up with the new changes can be challenging at times. But you have to be in the hunt if you want your Google search rank to go from being unnoticed to the top of the list.

Over time, well-optimized pages get more and more traffic, and that means more leads and sales. Searchers would not be able to locate your site without SEO, and all your hard work will be for nothing. Here are the top 10 SEO factors that will fuel your quest for ranking on Google search results pages.


  1. Make Your Website Safe and Available 

Unsurprisingly, having the correct kind of URL has everything to do with the first of our SEO rating factors. In fact, that’s an Address that can quickly be accessed and crawled by Google’s bots. In other words, to learn what your website is about, Google wants to be able to access the URL and look at the content of the page. You’ll need to help the Bots out:

  • A page built with a well-coded website builder 
  • A file with robots.txt that tells Google where it can and cannot scan for details on your website
  • A sitemap listing all of your site pages 

You can set up a sitemap using certain tools if you are running a WordPress platform. If not, then you can use an online sitemap generator. HTTPS is not a factor in determining whether to index a website or not but Google’s employees have tweeted that it is a “light-weight rating factor” and that “it’s nice for users to have HTTPS.”

 2. Age, URL, and Authority of Domain 

Do you know that almost 60 per cent of the top ten Google search ranking pages are three or more years old? Data from an analysis of two million pages shows that rating is reached by a few sites fewer than a year old. The domain name matters in some situations. While Google has penalized exact-match domains (those in the URL are the same as target keywords), the penalty has been imposed mainly because of the availability of extremely thin and spammy content.

Research reveals that because of this, exact-match domains that deliver important, valuable, and high-quality content will see a ranking boost. However, you don’t need to go hunting for an exact match domain for your organization if you already have an existing website. The right path for your domain selection? Rely on a URL that represents the organization and make sure that you optimize the hell out of it!

3. Page Speed | Google Ranking Factors

For years, page speed has been quoted as one of the leading SEO rating factors. Google aims to boost the online experience of consumers, and that can be achieved by fast-loading web sites. Google revealed an update to the search engine algorithm based on mobile page speed, which began impacting sites in July 2018. If your website doesn’t load easily on mobile devices, it might be penalized. And in this regard, penalty means lower rankings.

seo-search-engine-optimization Factors

Best seo search engine optimization Factors

4. Mobile Friendliness 

Web-friendliness is another big SEO ranking element since we’re on the topic of mobile. Many users use mobile devices to navigate the web than desktops. And that’s one reason why there have been improvements in how search results are ranked by Google. The mobile-first index of Google is now a fact, which suggests that it first derives its data from mobile-optimized pages, rather than from desktop computer sites. You risk being under-ranked if your web platform is not mobile-optimized.

5. Content Is Indeed The King 

The search algorithm used by Google depends on keywords. These are the words and phrases used by searchers while they are searching for results. They’re all the vocabulary and phrases explaining the things that your website is about. Those websites that offer content with appropriate keywords and in-depth analysis, hopefully, would line up. That’s why they use keywords in your content is so critical.

Duplicate material is one negative SEO rating factor to be wary of. New original material is always the perfect recipe for effective SEO. And if you have similar material, tell Google which one, using canonical URLs, should be rated as most authoritative.

6. Technical SEO Is Must 

And if you’re not a coder, here are some of the things you can control:

  • In page names, add keyword words, where Google first looks to decide which information applies to which quest. 
  • Using header tags to display the hierarchy of content beginning with your h1 description, and then use h2 or h3 for subheads. 
  • Build a meta summary that would both draw readers and contain the phrase of your keyword 
  • Keep those brief and catchy meta descriptions at about 160 characters.
  • To explain how such images apply to the main content, use keyword phrases in image alt tags 
  • Alt tags also allow users who are visually impaired to enjoy screen readers on your pages. 
  • To tell Google what sort of content you make, use schema markup
  1. Experience of Users 

Google has been using artificial intelligence to help rate web pages for a while now. It’s called RankBrain. This entails other indications that influence the rating of the search engine. They include:

  • Click-through rate: The number of users who click on your website to visit the search results following an entry. 
  • Bounce rate: The number of users clicking on your website and returning to the search results quickly 
  • Dwell time: The number of times people linger on your web

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8. Improve Your Backlinks Quality

The Web is based on links. So, clearly, a key SEO rating signals are the links you build. There are three kinds of links to think of:

  • Inbound links
  • Outbound links
  • Internal links

Usually, all three are bound to a descriptive anchor text.

Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors

9. Social Signals Matter

It’s another indication that it’s important if people post your posts on social networks. The study of 23 million shares showed a conclusive link between social shares and search engine ranking. The official phrase used by Google is that social shares are not a clear rating factor. Twitter or Facebook connections are not counted in the same way as links from other legal websites. Even then, there is no doubt that there are generally a lot of shares on the highest-ranking pages in Google search results.

10. Appropriate Business Information | Google Ranking Factors

For companies targeting specific local areas, this last tip is significant. One of the most important local SEO ranking considerations is the availability or absence of market knowledge. Provide appropriate and correct business name, contact details, reviews, etc. to gain more traction in Google Ranking Factors.


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