Digital Marketing for Restaurants in India: A Secret Recipe for Success

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digital marketing for restaurant in India
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Are you a restaurant owner and looking for Digital Marketing for Restaurants in India? Then you are in the right place. It’s on every restaurant owner’s list to have efficient digital marketing strategy. The task is how efficiently you execute it. As every Restaurant is looking for the perfect recipe for success but only some have got it near to perfection. You need to put the right amount of ingredients to bake a successful digital marketing strategy in India.

Just make sure you put the same amount of work & effort you put to make the perfect plate for your customer. It will benefit you to draw your target audience in both offline & online ways.

Wishadish is a software services for restaurants in India  that helps you find the perfect meal for you. We have a variety of options and we don’t compromise on quality. Our target customer is the restaurant owner who wants to expand his sales.

We have developed our business through different unique services like billing and inventory management, HR management, CRM( customer relationship management). We take instant feedback and work on proper feedback management. Digital software helps you increase your business and growth in the market.

Digital software is the best your restaurant can benefit from. We are here to make your work easy and provide you different marketing strategies to increase your sales.

  • We have India’s first wait lift management system. In this feature, you don’t need to stand in lines waiting for your turn, we will register your name in our software and call you when it’s vacant. Meanwhile, you can do your other things and make use of your time.
  • All in all, we have some unique features, and we have one of the best Digital marketing software for restaurants in India. We have the perfect recipe for you we have been looking for!
digital marketing for restaurant in India

digital marketing for restaurant in India


If you plan to use digital marketing for restaurants in India, you need to understand best practices and strategies. It’s ready for you today! The experts of Wishadish have worked with many restaurant owners and managers. Over time, we have developed a solid strategy for the online marketing of restaurants.

How to find the best digital marketing services for Restaurant in India? 

Let’s talk about the formula suitable for small and medium-sized restaurants with and possibly even growth expectations.

Best Social Media Marketing for Restaurant Owners in Delhi India

Social Media Marketing has become the main ingredient for the success recipe now and you can’t do it any other way.  Your social media presence should be influential enough to attract a good amount of audience online.

  • Form a structured plan,
  • Publish a schedule, and
  • Ensure that all messages and images are branded and professional while keeping the restaurant’s voice authentic and credible.


Digital Marketing for Restaurants Promotion on Social Media

  • Brand posts– Brand posts are content that has the main goal of participation. These posts can be anything from inspirational quotes to contests, gifts, comments, and recommendations. One of the best ways to quickly increase engagement on social media pages is Digital marketing through restaurants, along with giveaways, contests, and other interactive posts.


  • Sell posts– These posts will take people to your login page, or make them contact you via phone or email. The salesperson is a great opportunity to showcase the new specialities on the menu and the products that are always available through beautiful product pictures.


  • Share posts– Share posts are usually articles, blogs, or content that can provide sense to your audience. If you have a food blog on your restaurant website, it is strongly recommended that you link to your blog in your posts!


In the long route, this will enhance the traffic to your website and better your ranking on Google. Sharing posts can assist you to build connections with your viewers and build their faith, which is the final goal of successfully executed restaurant digital marketing tactics.

A great way to create repeat customers and loyal customers is to republish customer content, which can also encourage further development of the brand.


Make Curate Content by Creative Photography

  • Use natural lighting
  • Look for contrast
  • Embrace the white space
  • Include background
  • Have an interest in photos
  • Have an artistic perspective
  • Try to formulate something out of oblivion. Experiment with the camera angles and have a vision
  • Have fun and learn about your camera settings (even when using a smartphone)

digital marketing for restaurant

We have experts in every field who have mastered their skills. We give the best digital marketing services for restaurants in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Punjab Kerala, Maharashtra And other cities in India. We make unique social media strategies and engage the maximum audience online. From photography, content to posting everything is managed by our brilliant team.


  • Email Marketing for Restaurant Business in India

Email marketing also plays an important role in our restaurant’s digital marketing strategy. Sending weekly emails to your supporters, such as contests, freebies, weekly specials, concessions, forthcoming events, and exclusive updates, can hugely benefit your restaurant in India.

You can simply do this by website pop-ups or social media pursuits. The loyalty plans engage the clients to come back to get complimentary desserts or offers. After creating an email list, you can start creating email marketing campaigns, including:

  • Exclusive discounts and rewards
  • Latest blog posts
  • Upcoming posts & important updates

Expanding your restaurant through email marketing is the most reliable way to enhance customer loyalty and manage their sales for years. By implementing the above ideas, we can create an email list and attract customers once a week & create the right campaign once a week!


  • Internet Marketing Services for Restaurant in India: Start a Blog

Another important part of our digital marketing for restaurants in India strategy segmentation is the blog. Regarding blogs, the best practice is to create a blog on your website every week or every two months to create value for your audience.

For your restaurant’s website, blog topics can include:

  • Healthy recipes
  • Specials on the menu
  • Tips and tricks for the kitchen
  • Updates from your restaurant
  • Your viewers will be engaged by these topics. Moreover, you can increase your time on the website by writing these blogs.


When people take time to stop and read your blog, they spend more time than usual on your website. This factor convinces search engines that your website is relevant. This makes your restaurant rank higher in search results!


  • Digital Marketing for Restaurants in India: SEO for Restaurants

Semantic keywords, technical SEO, and local SEO ranking are essential well in searches conducted by your target audience. SEO helps you rank your website on the top with the usage of certain keywords essential for your website. If you want your website to rank higher compared to your competitors, SEO is the most important tool!

Suggestions: Local SEO guide in India


  • Make Your Website is Mobile-friendly for Customers


A mobile-friendly website is an important tool for restaurants as the customer should have an option to access from their mobiles too. As it is more accessible and efficient to check the website from mobiles, this is an essential element to work on. At Wishadish, we make sure to include this element on your website so that your customers could access it easily and your restaurant makes it to their good ventures list.


Digital Marketing for restaurant in India

Digital Marketing for restaurant in India


  • Focus on Social Media Marketing for Restaurants Business

The main difference between social media management and social media advertising is that social media management and its digital marketing strategy for restaurants mainly deal with organic growth. Organic means you don’t need to spend money on marketing budgets-it’s free!


However, through social media advertising and other restaurant digital marketing strategies, you must set aside a designated budget for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. Here are some ad campaign objectives you need –


  • Increase brand awareness through effective Digital Marketing for restaurants in India
  • Expand coverage and participation by adding positions
  • Increase online bookings, event bookings, and website visits through click-through marketing activities

Although it may seem daunting to establish a successful digital marketing strategy for a restaurant in India at first, your restaurant will thank you for your new customers and increased visibility!

You can also start customers Loyalty program token point to repeatability of the previous customers

If you have no time to implement the strategies listed above, please contact us! Wishadish has worked with many restaurant customers, and we have gained the required experience to perfect your restaurant’s digital marketing strategies. Reduce the burden and focus on your strengths: satisfy hungry customers with delicious food!


Frequently Ask Questions:

  • Why do restaurants need digital marketing in India?

Digital marketing can help you share stories with customers online. We tell the story of your restaurant, distinguish you from your competitors, and clearly state the type of food and experience you offer-all before customers step in the door.


  • How do restaurants do Marketing in India?

Wishadish helps you attract customers through the perfect social media profiles, local SEO, gaining followers, influencer marketing. By networking with other local businesses. Basically to maintain the online engagement high!


  • Which companies are performing the best in digital marketing in India?

Wishadish is doing great in Digital Marketing. We are known for the most effective online marketing services in India. We provide unique features to make your online presence remarkable!


  • How do I expand my restaurant online in India?

By making a Facebook fan page. Your restaurant needs a Facebook page, Tweeting, Blog about it, List it on Yelp, Show the video on YouTube and share and promote on Instagram & Pinterest. Our experts at Wisadish software services in India have great advertising strategies to promote your restaurant online.


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